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About Beamer and our Products

A showcase of products and services by Beamer

Beamer specialise in the design of special purpose vehicles.

  • Specialised adaptation for the less abled
  • Electric tractor builds and conversions
  • Many one-off vehicles to provide solutions to individual needs
  • Diesel powered and petrol powered machines
  • Hydrostatic and mechanical transmissions
  • DC and Asynchronous motor drives
  • Electric drive conversions on small boats
  • Radio controlled six wheel drive vehicles

Extensive use is made of 3D CAD in the design and manufacture.

Mk2 Tramper scootersThe Tramper Mk2

The unique electric all terrain buggy giving the physically challenged the ability to go further than ever before.

Mk2 Tramper scootersThe Tramper TWS(Three Wheel Scooter)

The all-new electric all terrain Tramper: a breakthrough in 3-wheel mobility scooters, quite simply because it offers you more mobility.

6x6 High mobility radio controlled special purpose working vehicles

6x6 High mobility radio controlled vehiclesThese vehicles are carrying heavy special purpose equipment and work as a team. The different colours enable the radio operators to identify them at a distance!

Special spraying vehicles

Spraying vehicleThese battery powered spraying machines have quick change battery packs and will operate for a long day on two battery packs.They carry 100liters of water and carry a hi-tech spray head that detects and sprays the weeds in roads and pavements. There silent operation and very low running costs are much appreciated.