A story of a trip made by Professor Peter Sonksen and his wife Sue to the USA in the summer of 2007, complete with a Tramper on a trailer behind a large motor home.

In December 2002 Peter had a skiing accident in Park City (Utah, USA) where he ended up with a spinal injury (C4/5 incomplete). He had 2 months in University Hospital, Salt Lake City (rehabilitation and surgery) before returning to the UK for another 2 months rehab at The Royal Bucks Hospital, Aylesbury. He was discharged home on Good Friday 2003. He has continued with physiotherapy twice a week since then and has reached a steady state where he can walk up to 100 yards very slowly using elbow crutches or preferably a 3-wheeled rollator.

Peter feels fortunate to live in part of a large house in the heart of rural Hampshire. It converted easily to accommodate his needs with a (EquiLift Flow) stair lift going from the front door to first and second floor. This allows access to pretty well the whole house. There is a large garden totaling 2.5 acres.

In 2004 he invested in a Tramper (and later a trailer) that gave him access to the larger part of the garden and to local footpaths and farm roads and the local pub! The South Downs Way runs along the top of the downs about a mile away and he ventures out there from time to time although he finds some of the ruts somewhat daunting!