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TWS Three Wheel Scooter

Introducing the TWS; Award Winning, Ground Breaking, All terrain Three Wheeled Scooter

25 stone
Max Weight
Max Speed
Road Legal
40 ~ 60 miles

The TWS Scooter was created in 2012 to answer calls for a higher mobility all terrain scooter. It features an even tighter turning circle, more tunable suspension, and you can choose the options most appropriate for your needs . It offers almost all the benefits of the Tramper but at a lower cost. TWS will take you comfortably and safely over just about every type of surface: up and down kerbs, across rough uneven country tracks, and through mud, streams and snow. We can offer a range of axle ratio to give you the range and torque for the environment you wish to use your Tramper TWS, a selection of seats most appropriate for your size use and disability, a selection of battery sizes to give you terrific range, right up to Lithium packs to extend your range to 60 miles, as well as a wide choice of wheels to suit your requirements and dozens of accessories to really customise your Tramper TWS to you.

Engineered for You

The TWS is an all electric vehicle which uses the best components and 15 years of continuous development.

The Tramper features sophisticated electronics to conduct self-check on motors, controllers, and batteries. On top of that multiple breaking systems are used so that no matter what happens, you're safe.

Incredible Maneuverability

The TWS Three Wheel Scooter is incredibly maneuverable and has very light accurate steering with a multiple range of handle bar settings, quick and responsive controls

The Tramper comes with an incredibly powerful and efficient electric motor; this is combined with an incredibly strong chassis. With a maximum pull of 900 lbf, it can be used as more than just a mobility scooter.

Control System

The Tramper has a top of the range control system providing a smooth driving experience.

The Tramper has a top of the range control system and a smooth driving experience by having large articulation, mechanical feedback systems, and a suspension system tailored to you.

scooter Add-Ons

Several additional add-ons exist for the TWS Three Wheel Scooter. Below is a selection of our most popular extras.

Lithium Ion Battery Pack

The lithium ion battery pack provides exceeding amounts of range to the user, up to sixty miles under normal usage. This is far beyond anything else in the off road buggy market place

Cane and crutch holders

This carries you sticks or canes with you on the machine ready for you to use

Rear mounted storage box

This can be added to your TWS to add storage it can be securely attached to the back of the Tramper TWS locked your possession away out of sight whilst travelling across rough terrain

Foot Plate extentions

Allows extra space for your legs and feet especially when you have long or stiff legs

Tyre options

With your TWS you can have a variety of tyres from a road/turf tyre, a medium off-road ( standard option), to an aggressive off-road for the more adventurous user

Colour Choices

Silver and Burgundy customizing your Tramper TWS personally

Tramper TWS second colour option

Silver and Green

Blend into the countryside in your Tramper TWS Buggy

Nato green


The following documents are available for download; for higher resolution, queries over prices, or any other questions then  please contact us.