Christmas at Imber

Authored By Simon Burn

7 Jan 2022

My Trip to Imber in the middle of Salisbury Plain

Christmas Trip to Imber

Living on the edge of the vast Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire I love going to the abandoned village of Imber which was taken over by the military during World War II. The roads to the village are only open to the public for a few days each year and until this Christmas I'd always only been able to drive my car there, but this time I had my new TWS and felt confident that it could manage the steep climb out of Warminster and the 7 miles to the village, I wasn't disappointed!

Though the weather was cold and wet, and a stretch of the road flooded, it was early in the morning and I enjoyed the exhilaration of being on the Plain with the confidence of having a reliable machine. 15 miles later I was back home with little more than a third of the lithium battery capacity used up, and looking forward to the next outing on my TWS."

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