Our Product AfterCare

Our Commitment

Beamer Ltd can maintain your Tramper across the lifetime of the vehicle, no matter how old the vehicle is. Take the photo above for example, the vehicle on the left was a prototype Tramper made in 1998 and is still in everyday use. During its life time it has been on top of The Welsh Mountains; along the Eifle mountains in Germany, and also its been to the Nürburgring motor racing track.

The prototype Tramper has had minimal maintenance over the 20 years. This maintenance can normally be done by our agents, who will travel anywhere in the UK to service it. We normally recommend that our agents visit your Tramper once a year for servicing and to check that everything is in order. This service is as much a safety check as a service, to keep your Tramper looking a bit more like the new one on the right above.

In the rare event of a more major problem all of our scooters are covered by a two year guarantee on all parts we make, we can not warrant other manufacturers parts over a year and after that if any problem arises please contact your local sales and service agent for repair. Our Trampers are rugged and have in the past survived going into lakes, off small bridges, and even out of the back of an aircraft, although we wouldn't recommend you trying any of these.

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