Tramper Mobility Scooters

Now you can go further than the shops

25 stone
Max Weight
Max Speed
Road Legal
30 miles subject to terrain weight and temperature

We’ve been designing and building all-terrain Tramper Mobility Scooters in our out-of-town factory near Salisbury for over 25 years. To date we’ve created well over 2500 three and four-wheel hand-built Trampers, all designed to give you the personal choice and freedom to go where you want to go; whether it be the countryside, the coast, or simply around town for a spot of shopping. And because Trampers are battery powered, they care for the environment because they motor in silence and without creating harmful emissions.

We’ve incorporated many driver-friendly features into the design which include a rugged chassis with all-round suspension to suppress and cushion bumps, larger rear wheels to deliver smooth manageable power, and you’ll find you’ll drive over rough ground, mud, snow and even streams as though they weren’t there. Oh, and any inclines up to 25% are overcome with ease. Safety and reliability are critical to the design criteria. Light, accurate and precise steering gives a feeling of safety and security that Tramper owners love. The Tramper’s leading-edge battery technology provides you with high performance along with a longer travel range than other scooters.

The engineering excellence designed into Trampers helped us to win the Queen’s Award for Enterprise Innovation for Outstanding achievement; the only UK mobility scooter manufacturer to do so. Clearly we must require you to test drive the Tramper to ensure you’re both comfortable and able to drive it - we’ll even bring it to you so that you can trial it where you’ll be using it most! Please call us on 01794 884766 or send us your details using the button above. We’d love you to join the happy family of Tramper owners who’ve found a new lease of life with the freedom to travel where they want, when they want.

Introducing The Tramper MKII S with enhanced suspension!

New developments, the MK II S We have made some changes to the Tramper as part of our continuous development programme, so the new Tramper MKII S is much more comfortable, with coil-over shock absorbers which will also enhance the off-road capability. This will now allow the suspension to be tuned to the user’s weight. The Tramper’s renowned light steering has been improved to provide even more accuracy, which will prevent kick-back. In other areas the handlebars and optional bull bars are now made from stainless steel to add to the longer life of your Tramper.

Engineered for Reliability

The Tramper is an all electric vehicle which uses the best components and benefits from over 25 years of continuous development, with innovative constant improvements

The Tramper features sophisticated electronics to conduct self-check on motors, controllers, and batteries, with real-time battery monitoring systems. On top of that multiple braking systems are used so that no matter what happens, you're safe.

Incredible Strength

The Tramper comes with an incredibly powerful motor and can cope with weights of up to 25st. However the Tramper can take even more with a little modification.

The efficient electric motor combined with an incredibly strong chassis means it can be used as more than just a mobility scooter. In fact some of our clients use it as an all-electric towing machine making it a real work horse.

Control System

The Tramper has a top of the range control system providing a smooth driving experience.

The Tramper's controls can be tailored to suit your individual needs, easy to use with active feedback, making for a pleasant drive.

tramper Add-Ons

Several additional add-ons exist for the Tramper Mobility Scooters. Below is a selection of our most popular extras.

Stick Holder

A stick holder, to carry your canes and crutches with you when using your Tramper mobility scooter.

Rear mounted Luggage Box

A large waterproof and lockable rear mounted box, to provide extra storage in addition to the storage box in the front of the Tramper. This box can be easily removed and replaced, providing an extra 29 litres of secure storage capacity.

Flashing beacon

Flashing beacon for extra visability and greater traffic awareness. Compulsory when driving on a restricted dual carriageway

Tramper Bull Bar

Ideal for protecting the wings of your Tramper and it is quickly detachable

Auxiliary twist grip option

Auxiliary twist grip with change-over switch allows the driver to use either left or right hand

Swivel Seat Base

The Swivel Seat Base can aid your getting on or off, but more often allows you to participate in your hobby with nothing in front of you. The Seat base can be locked in the straight ahead and at 90 degrees or 180 degrees. Although for those who need it the lock can be removed apart from the straight ahead to allow you to swing round


The following documents are available for download; for higher resolution, queries over prices, or any other questions then  please contact us.