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Tramper Mk2 electric mobility scooter features

Dashboard features

  • Sophisticated battery monitor.
  • Easy to use - hard wearing switches.
  • Large rear wheels to enable the Tramper to cover uneven terrain easily.
  • Light accurate steering with precise geometry to prevent "kick back" and "bump steer".
  • Tailored suspension all round to give a smooth comfortable ride accross country.
  • Enormous articulation to allow the Tramper to clamber over difficult terrain without lifing a wheel.
  • Sophisticated electronics which self check telling the driver that the wiring is all OK.
  • Very accurate battery monitor to tell you how much power you are using and how much power you have left.
  • High capacity gel batteries and a very efficient transmission, to give you a long range between charges.
  • Full Road Traffic act lights and a horn.
  • Rotary twist grip, enabling light ergonomic non-fatiguing speed control, especially when travelling over bumps and rough surfaces.
  • Two lines of braking; regenerative braking and electromagnetic braking.
  • Large, lockable, dry onboard stowage box.
  • Large ground clearance.
  • Narrow enough to pass through a standard doorway yet wide enough to stay stable on difficult terrain.
  • Quiet and efficient drive-train give the Tramper stealth.
  • Built with appropriate up to date technology.
  • Seat adjustment allows 180mm / 7" of travel.
  • Built in strong fixing points for your accessories.