The Queens Award for Enterprise 2009

Out and About


Tramper on the beachOn the beach…

Tramper off-road electric buggies cope well on the beach in all but the very softest sand. This allows their owners a bracing walk in the sea air come rain or shine!


Tramper outdoor actionOutdoor action…

This Tramper multi-terrain electric scooter has enabled its owner to follow the Six Day Motorcycle Trial. Whatever your outdoor sport, you can follow it with a Tramper electric mobility scooter.

Dog walking

Dog walking with a TramperTake the dog out for a walk…

Many Tramper buggy owners walk their dogs to keep their tails wagging. From working dogs to your household pet they all enjoy a walk with a Tramper silent electric buggy. We even have a user who trains her racing huskies using a Tramper off-road scooter!


Gone fishing with a TramperGone fishing…

If fishing is your favourite hobby a Tramper electric off-road scooter will help you get to the water’s edge all year round. Beamer can help you carry all the extra equipment you need to take by making bespoke carriers for your Tramper buggy.

Horse riding

Horse riding with a TramperAs quiet as walking…

This Tramper silent electric mobility scooter has allowed its owner to carry on teaching riding, despite having had a riding accident herself.


Carnival time!Carnivals

This Tramper scooter has won Third Prize in the carnival, thanks to the Friends of Durlston Country Park. It is on hire there for less able people who wish to use the park.

Quiet operation

Quiet operation with aTramperAmazingly quiet…

The Tramper electric scooters are quiet and do not scare the wildlife or domestic animals. Lots of Tramper buggies are used for bird watching as well as checking the stock.


tramper-dunk2 Cuts through snow

This Tramper mobility buggy climbed Dunkery Beacon in the snow for New Years Eve 1999, in temperatures of minus five.


Ample storage with a Tramper Waterproof storage…

All 4-wheeler Trampers have a lockable storage box, keeping valuables safely out of view… and your sandwiches dry.


Crossing a stream with a TramperThrough water…

Tramper electric mobility scooters don’t mind getting their feet wet even if you do. The off-road capable buggies will ford streams up to the footplate – after that you may get your feet wet. The electrics are all positioned under the seat so the Tramper can cope with getting its feet wet.


Cross country

Off-road on the moors with a TramperOff road capabilities…

The Tramper off-road mobility buggy is built to take their owner accross country in style and with safety… open up your world.


In the woods…

Tramper - ideal for a walk in the woodsIf you go down to the woods today you might see a Tramper buggy picnic. The Tramper scooter enables their owners to reach the parts that other scooters only dream of!


The Tramper set up is ideal for lots of different sports inlcuding archeryOutdoor sports…

This Tramper scooter is fitted with optional rotating seat and drop down footplate – ideal for all sorts of specialised activities.

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