The Queens Award for Enterprise 2009

Tramper TWS 3-Wheel Scooter

Tramper three-wheel scooter (the TWS)The three-wheel all-terrain mobility scooter

We recently introduced a three-wheel scooter (the TWS) to satisfy a demand by some customers, and customer feedback showing in some cases a preference for three wheels. Like the original Tramper it is designed to take you comfortably and safely over just about every type of surface: up and down kerbs, across rough uneven country tracks, and through mud, streams and snow.

You may have seen the TWS on the BBC’s Top Gear TV programme where it was voted best scooter by the users.

The TWS has its own characteristics, it is more manoeuvrable and has very light steering coupled with long travel suspension which really soaks up the bumps. The TWS also has a better range than the four-wheeler as it is lighter and can carry more batteries.

The TWS requires more awareness and care while driving, but in return offers a more spirited and involving fun drive, and is more than equal to the four-wheelers capability. (See Which is best, 3 wheels or 4 wheels?)

The TWS is Class 3 Vehicle compliant, like the Tramper four-wheeler.

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