Greenhouse gases and air pollutants

Authored By P.Cooper

5 Mar 2020

(or the lack of them!)

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) department of the government have recently published a report on the figures for greenhouse gas emissions relating to vehicles.

They say that at present only 0.5% of road vehicles are ‘ultra-low emissions’ and that greenhouse gases (GHG) from road vehicles cause a fifth of all emissions. Possibly because road traffic increased 29% from 1990 to 2018 that this is happening.

But I have great news for all Tramper owners. You are creating ZERO emissions driving your battery powered machines! Good news for the public, yourself and the planet. As you know charging the Tramper costs pence and uses very little energy (see Cost of Charging the Tramper in the Press section of this website) so you have a not only cost-efficient - but also a very flexible - means of transport.

You may know the government’s objective is to cut all vehicle emissions by 2050, which most likely means non-zero emissions vehicle sales will cease altogether by 2035. We have Trampers still running happily from over 20 years ago when we started so you should be in the clear, running your eco-friendly machine well beyond that deadline, and enjoying your freedom responsibly.