About Beamer

By chunks (the company dog)

Our History

Beamer Ltd has been building off-road mobility scooters since 1998; just outside Salisbury in Wiltshire. We manufactured the first Tramper after an enquiry from a small group of people about whether we could build an off-road disability scooter so they could go not only around the local shopping centre, but also on the long country walks they enjoyed at the weekend. Since then we've sold over two and a half thousand scooters to happy customers spread across the United Kingdom, Europe, Africa, and North America.

Our Ethics

Product Quality & Lifetime

We have agents covering all parts of the UK, and they will bring a Tramper to you for you to try. We need to ensure you are safe and happy with the machine, before we discuss further details.

On the rare occasion that they have to fit a replacement part they will always fit an official Beamer part to ensure that your vehicle remains the reliable and high-performance machine that you fell in love with. We can also supply parts for any Tramper scooter model, some going back 20 years. Over 98% of our parts from the original models are kept in stock and the other 2% can be custom built especially for you.


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We value privacy above all else. Any and all information you provide us with will be kept safe and secure, and it will never be passed on or sold to third parties. This applies whether you are a client, a prospective client, or even just someone looking around the website.

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Our Method of Selling Trampers

We do not sell a Tramper until one of our sales agents has given the potential user a demonstration.During this demonstration the agent will satisfy themselves that the user is well able to control and operate the Tramper in a safe manner as suggested by the RoSPA guidelines, and that the Tramper will do everything the customer requires. This is our 'Duty of Care' and ensures you get the best and most reliable product tailored to your needs.

Also during the test drive, our sales agent will discuss with the user what their objectives are, and the type of use the Tramper will undergo. Whether it be the farmer crossing their land, a walk in the country with the family, or perhaps just visiting the shops.

No 'high pressure' salesmen. No Cold Calling.

None of our sale agents are ‘pushy’ in their method of dealing with customers. We do not want (or need) to employ these methods to sell our Trampers and other products. Our product sells itself. We do not ‘cold-call’, and only respond to enquiries from potential customers, or people wanting information on our products for others.

By operating in this way we remain true to our principles and do not annoy people unnecessarily, and you do not receive unwanted calls or literature. We want the Tramper Scooter and TWS to sell themselves and for you to be happy with them and our company.